Computers and Me !

Hey everyone ! This is Saideep and my blogging journey starts here. And let me introduce me before starting my blog. I am eight years old, thoughtful , smart boy studying in third grade. I like computers.I also like art and craft.

The first thing I learnt on computer is how to switch ON and SHUT DOWN..The second thing I learnt was opening any program. And then I learnt to programme small games.

I programme the games using “scratch” coding.I learned Scratch from my sister.The first programme was the flying aeroplane.The second was the catch game.The third was the pong game.This year we have stem.In the stem we do small robots which is controlled in scratch.

I also like football.I play football in my school.I like to play as mid striker and striker.My coach name is Shiva sir. We do play many matches in our school. We won in the recent match.Fourth graders also play with us.We play weekly once for 90 minutes like real football match.

As you know I like Art and Craft also. I started art in first grade.My first drawing was a bee.I like to colour with colour pencils than crayons.I like to make greeting cards. I have made greeting card for my mother on mother’s day along with my sister. I like to draw big pictures.I do craft with recycled things than useful things. Using old newspapers, myself and my sister made wall hanging design. Here you go, with the photo –


Now you got why I call myself as ‘thoughtful’. I either code or play or think of creative stuffs all the time. Waiting to write more blogs on the things I like.


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