If I become spiderman…

Hi everyone

This is my third blog and my blogging mam gave an interesting idea about imagination blogs. She asked, what will I do if I become a spiderman.

If I become a spiderman I would like to rescue people who are in trouble by jumping over the buildings also by jumping in the boat  and moving in the boat.I would  help in  very bad situations like where thieves are there.My favourite character is spiderman thats why sometime I like to act like spiderman.As I told you I like spiderman I like to explain about him.He likes to fight.He also likes to rescue people . he wears shirt and pant . When he wants to fly he wears a suit . He also works friendly with others to fight with the bad people. The best thing I like in him is the way he coordinates. .Photo here-


I also like superman

He also does the same tasks but is stronger than Spiderman.Superman rescued more people than spiderman .But they both work in  a team in fights and to rescue people.Some people think Spiderman , Superman and Hulk are real but they are imaginary characters.My favourite thing  superman does is after he flies the way he lands . As Spiderman coordinate’s with everyone superman also  coordinates’ like all marvel characters .   My next paragraph is about hulk.

I also like hulk

He also does the same tasks but he does not interrupt in rescuing people.He likes to fight so much.he mostly won in all the fights because of his strength he will hit very hard and win.Hulk is very much better than spiderman and superman.He does not even do one mistake.I like Hulk than spider man and superman . His body colour is green.

Be waiting for my next blog which is my fourth blog…

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