My happy School and awesome Friends

Hello readers,

It is always very interesting to talk about our school and friends. That is why I decided to write about it. I like to go to school little bit.My school’s name is Chrysalis high. Our school is in kadugodi. We have IC,OC,PA. IC  stands for indoor champs.OC stands for oudoor champs and PA stands for performing art. We can choose what we like to do . Example-in OC we have to choose in football,cricket,swimming or basketball.I choosen football for OC as I told you  in the first blog.In IC I have selected chess.In PA I have chosen music.My favourite subject is Maths. In maths I like addition,subtraction and word problems.I also know Mental Maths. This year we also have data handling and algebra.

We have four assessments as well as there are four(PTM)parents teachers meeting.We write two unit tests and two term exams.We write the unit test for 20 marks and term exam for 30 marks. I like exam times because it makes me intelligent and know my marks. This year we have 6 subjects.We have something called support.During the support hour we get additional worksheets which helps us to increase our knowledge in different subjects.If we excel we get next stage worksheets.We had mindspark but this year we could not write from the school.If we are so interested we have to write it individually. We write sof also.the fullform of sof is science olympiad foundation.Our teachers name are Ritu and Chaavi mam.Ritu mam teaches us english and social studies(sst).Chaavi  mam teaches us maths and science.



The best part about liking my school is my friends. My best friends are Rachith , Ansh , Suhas and Rehaan. Rachith,Ansh and Suhas are my classmates. Rehaan is my home friend. Rachith sits beside me.We talk during snacks break and lunch break. Suhas and Ansh also talk with me sometimes. Ansh sits behind me .I sit in the second last bench and Ansh sits in last bench. Amongst the three, my best friend is Rachith. Srivindha and Parvathi sit together in front of us.Anyway where ever we sit we talk.Now do you think I am talkative?No , I am not much talkative but I talk a lot only with my close friends. I invited Rachith ,Idhanth,Shiven,Suhas and Pranav for my birthday last year.

school friends


As I said, I am very happy to talk about my school and friends. It feels very nice to enjoy school and have best friends in life 🙂 Who are your best friends?


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