10 tips for reducing pollution

Hi everyone,

This is my sixth blog and I am going to tell you how to reduce pollution.

1.We have to cycle short distances to reduce air pollution.

2.Factories have to be kept out of cities to reduce air pollution and water pollution.

3.We have to not dump garbage in rivers to reduce water pollution.

4.We have to use car sometimes to reduce air pollution.

5.We have to not put any chemicals on plants which are near to water to reduce water pollution.

6.We have to not burn much crackers to reduce air pollution.

7.We have to not smoke to reduce air pollution.

8.The garbage we have we have to dump it in the dustbin to reduce pollution.

9.We have to reduce plastic.

10.Reducing of crashing boats and ships helps in reducing water pollution.

Be waiting for my next blog which is my seventh blog.:)

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  1. Bala Krishna rao says:

    Good Ideas


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