World After 20 years

Hello readers,

Our blogging mam asked us, “Have you imagined how world will be after 20 years?”I felt excited when mam told us this topic. I thought about it a little and I also googled a little.

50 million

For some big technological innovation of our history,we can measure success rate by a level of users.The above picture shows the success rate for around 50 million users.Now in the new technological world its taking too less time for reaching the people.Example Pokemon go took 19 days to reach and telephone took 75 years to reach as shown in the below pictures.In olden days movies were in black and white and now they are in color. Before they use to see dramas more than cinemas.

Now these are what happened in past until now. So, after twenty years there will come something better than a movie.After twenty years there might be a model which will take only half day to reach 50 million users.There will be an awesome car, which can even fly. Very soon, there will be a driver-less cars with 15 seater capacity which will jump over another car. I would like to design a car with these features like it will jump over a car, with no wheels and driver less.The car’s name will be “grand compass”. I will be twenty eight years old so it would be perfect to design and launch my own car with latest technology in future.There would also be no drivers there would be driverless cabs of ola and uber or there would be personal driver less metros.

50 million


I guess after twenty years there will be 3D mobiles also.I guess there will be 3D entertainment zones inside lifts and waiting ares. Alexa and many more new products will be old after twenty years.Lego will become old.Sophia will become old and many such amazing products of today will become old. Maybe the phone display can be seen on our hand without actually having one. There would be models better than virtual reality(VR).

Now the above said are how technology advancements will happen and life will get easy and smart. But, there will also be disadvantages like

  1. Pollution might be horrible and people might need to wear masks where ever they have to go.
  2. There might be very little water available for actual usage due to deforestation
  3. Now fights are only happening state to state in future they maybe will fight country to country for water.

My parents would be old after twenty years. I might be having my own children also.My sister would also be working and have her family and children. Maybe after twenty years India would be the most populated country. We wont have space to move around freely.

Let us eagerly wait and watch if the technology advancements are going to amaze us or the disadvantage of population and pollution are going to trouble us! God only knows !

Since I have spoken about pollution, let me think next on some tips to control pollution.

Be waiting for my next blog which is my seventh blog.

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  1. Bala Krishna rao says:

    Technology should not damage Humanlife and it should be in harmony with the life it self.


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