And she became alive again

Hello readers,

Are you ready to read a very interesting story about a little but brave girl named ‘Sonny’.

She was just 8 years old but was very sharp and intelligent. Everyone liked her.Teachers also liked her.She did not race with anyone else but with herself. And she became the best in knowledge, education and strength. She was hard working girl and ambitious. She participated in all the competitions like Olympiads, sports, inter-house competitions.. She loved to dance and sing. She learnt playing all the musical instruments. Not just her school friends, the entire city loved her for her spirit and attitude. At one point of time, she was so famous that the whole Earth knew her.She lived in a nuclear family in Bangalore. Her grandparents were living in Chennai.Her aunt and uncle lived in America.

I will tell you the reason why everyone liked her. Aren’t you curious to know? The reason is  she was just studying in second grade but was the captain of the army in India. It might be difficult for you to believe but with her determination, patriotism to country and hard work, she really became Captain of Indian Army. She wrote all the competitive exams and got medals. So she planned to write the higher examinations for Indian military and the government allowed. So then she got qualified and became a secret agent. Her aim in second grade was to become an army person and she really became one. Remember, “if you have willpower and right behavior, you can succeed and achieve whatever you want in life”.


She was the best person in the world and got an award.After 4 or 5 years something strange happened. Of-course being in army, she had to face wars against another country or terrorist. One such incident happened and while she was trying to save a man’s life, she was attacked by a bullet. It was a shock to everyone. She felt the pain but wanted to save people until her last breathe. Everyone were in deep sorrow, the whole world could not bear this horrible incident.

There came the importance of medicine field. Military doctors are very quick and powerful. So, there was a group of doctors who rushed to the place and took her in a stretcher into the military ambulance. There was a military dog which bite her shoulders and removed the bullet immediately. Then doctors did stitching and gave her injection and medical emergency treatment. After 48 hours of treatment and entire world praying, she got her breathe again. She became alive again.

Everyone were happy and thanked God for the miracle. She was not an ordinary girl. All hugged her as India again got an awesome captain of army. She continued to work, and after the bullet incident, she became more strong and her willpower increased. She was unbeatable.

Moral : There is nothing in the world you cannot achieve! Believe in yourself!


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  1. Bala Krishna rao says:

    nice story.Believing yourself is a great quality but it should be used indoing good things. Good expression.

    Liked by 1 person

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