My parents childhood

Hello Readers,

Everyone loves our own mother. So do I. My mom is very kind.


But, this blog is not about the mother “Anitha”. I have heard about her childhood which is very fascinating. Let me share about the little girl “Anitha” and her fun childhood days.

My mother started going to school at the age of 3 years in my mothers grandparent’s  village, Balwadi school as her father had a job in the country ,Libya. My mother did not like to go to Balwadi but she went because they distributed animal shaped biscuit,puffed rice and chocolates.It would be so  nice if they would distribute it nowadays…After tasting the snacks, my mom will come back home by throwing a tantrum. That way she some days went to school, did not go to school and some days use to come back half day. Then my mother shifted to Dachepalli  as her father got job in cement plant  and she joined in Durga Public school(CBSE).Again shifted in mid of year so then they told they wont give admission but someone recommended and got admission and studied KG1 only for 3 months.She had full day from KG1 just like us.

So she used to take nap on class benches with her friends. She lived in a colony and had many friends so after school she used to play a lot with them.Even after shifting to a new place she did not wish to go to school.So my grandmother used to buy toys made up of mud like ducks,parrot etc from a toy seller who came to the colony everyday.This was the bribe to make my mother go to school.The funniest thing was if my mother would not go to school my uncle who was my mom’s brother also used to act like he is unwell in the last moment and tried to skip the school! They did the same trick for 8 years and bunked school many times. Such a sister brother combo !my

However, she is very fond of sports activities. She used to play throwball,tennikoit,khokho,kabaddi,tossball,running and relay etc.She got lot of prizes and certificates in games.At home she used to play 7 stones,hide and seek,catch catch,hopping,cricket and climb trees to pick badam fruit. Some sundays her mother used to lock all the doors , sleep and tell my mother and my uncle to take rest but they opened the back door and  used to climb on the wall ,jump into the neighbour’s house and play.Her best friends were Harita,Veena,Kusuma,Venkatareddy and Ramana. Now I see how my sister Sannihita is interested in sports and adament in playing them. Just like my mom.

Their summer holidays was well enjoyed at their grandparent’s village, in the field, in bullockcart and mudside roads.They used to have lot of summer specials like palms,village dates,mangoes etc.The most remarkable memory for my mother was as it was jasmine season her grandmother used to put long plait and decorate with jasmine flowers, wear silk lehenga, put many ornaments and take a photograph every year. She loved the experience and was excited to share with us , however she still missed sitting for an hour, without playing. She used to play hopscotch,pallanguzhi(vanagutalu in telugu),pachis,gillidanda,four corners in the village during her holidays.This would be the same routine during summer holidays.On the way return she used to spend in her paternal grandparents house.


During her childhood there were no electronic gadgets so she spent most of her free time playing lot of games outdoor,gardening and helping my grandmother.My grandmother bought her a cycle for my mother in 1994 and my mother and my uncle used to go on cycle in 9th grade.My mother used to ride the bicycle and my uncle used to sit back.


After 7th grade, they had to again shift the place and school. Even though they stayed in the colony she had no friends to play in the initial days. She missed her old friends and happy days a lot. She played only with her brother. But what she liked was the introduction of third language at school. She enjoyed learning Hindi, our National Language.

During her board exams of school she has to stay in the hostel which was her first time she stayed away from her parents and had a very tough time.Best friends in the school were Dharani,Anupama and Nirmala.My mother got a dictionary as an award in essay writing competition regarding U.N.O.She felt very happy because it was her first prize in essay competition.

I would like to end my blog here as I am tired or my mom will make me write a book of her childhood memories instead of a blog. She keeps sharing a lot of stories and goes non-stop. She started reliving the memories and behaves like a girl now 🙂

Hope you all also remember your childhood memories and if you are a child like me, go and ask your parent’s to share their childhood memory too..

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