It’s Exam Time

Hello Readers,

Today I am going to write about exam time.How would you feel during your exam times? Anxious? Sad? Eager? Happy? Tensed? Let me tell how I usually feel. I would be Tensed during exam times and let me share why here –

We have to study a lot during exam. I feel it a bit tough and tense situation about how to write the exam. The best part is the little chats we have after our exam is over. After we write the exam we talk. This year second language teacher told us that the exam is going to be very tough.We have 6 exams.The number of times we have exams are 4 times. So, every year preparing and writing for 24 exams makes me 24 times tensed.

I love to write computer exam because of my love to computers.I like computers because I like to see computer and I want to improve in that subject. Before getting the paper I would be tensed that how many marks I will get.But at last the paper will be very easy.There will be only fill in the blanks and 2 or 3 question and answers. My like factor towards exams are relatively increasing, though not 100%

time for exam student thumbs up clipart

During exam times, I will always be the first or second one to complete but I will check my answers again before submission. This is a good habit, because it will help us to find any careless mistakes made. I always get marks above 25/30 and 45/50.I am not so curios about the questions.At the time of term exams we have half days as we can study.

The worse thing I felt writing the exam was ‘when others are copying from are test paper  the teacher will scold us (from whom the children try to peep) not the person who is doing that. The moment the bell rings and the exam is finished we all just discuss the answers we had written.The next moment ma’am also will discuss the answers.So by that we will get to know our marks.I got the highest number of marks in maths(almost full).

term exam

By writing so much our hand will also pain.Sometimes they give very lengthy paper and some are easy.So we will wait when will the bell ring so that the next period starts and we wont write anymore.So we will be very happy because we don’t need to write anymore…

Hope you all were able to relate to my experience on my exam days. Share your experience in comment section!

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