Have you cleared the car dream in real ?

Yes, it is indeed a proud blog as we have cleared the dream. Today I  am going to write a blog about the time when we got a new car.It was the second car which my father bought.My sister and I were extremely excited.It was a very big car .The car was Hyundai Creta.

We did the booking in May and took the delivery in June. The one month of waiting period was worth when we had our first drive in new car. It was my dream to get a big new car which became to real.The funniest thing was that when we had i10 car prior to this which is a hatchback, I used to see big cars like this.I was always thinking “When will we get such a big car, a royal SUV”(especially when we go on long drives). And bingo ! The dream was real when we had our long drive in Creta.


After booking this car it is the first time to go to long drive in this car to hospet. When we were coming back from the showroom in the new car I was very excited.We just took two months to decide the car and book it.Our family liked the car but still my sister was unhappy about selling our i10. We both like our first car also. My sister has more liking towards our first car than the new one.

But, I will give awesome reasons to show why Creta is great experience :

  1. The leg space of the car is more
  2. The car is more comfortable and smooth ride
  3. The display in the front is very latest and clear

The car is a five seater but it looks very big.It has so much place at the back.It also has many features.When we experienced a drift from i10 to Creta, I felt a sudden change from a small car to a big car.At that moment when we were just selling the i10 car we felt very sad as we are selling our own car.But after we bought our new SUV, we all went into the mood of happiness…

Hope you all enjoyed reading my blog and always read happily..Have a good day and I will be ready with my next blog and series too… You can also share your experience of your car dream with me on the comment section !


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