A luxury villa without a lift

Siblings life is fun. I have a sister and there are many things we enjoy our company about. But one thing not really.We both share our room in the house. So, I actually don’t have all freedom to design it only for me. But, today I am going to share about an imagination on my own interior designing ideas for my room.
So lets begin-

If I had a separate room,I would obviously be happy.I could do whatever I want.There would be a green color sliding doors to keep our clothes.There would very awesome doors to go out to the balcony.And I also wish that it would be the best room of all. What if it would be a luxury room?!
I would play with my sister in the room happily.Then I would be reading my book which is very interesting.I would also sleep happily dreaming about what if I have a more better luxury house only. A five star experience forever. What if it had a swimming pool inside and a football,basket ground and park within.

swimming pool

After few days I would think about a bigger house than what I dreamt about.I would cut a glitter paper which is golden color and would stick it on the wardrobe. I would make some beautiful crafts out of useless things like old newspapers and decorate the room in many more ideas. I would ask my father and if he allows I would put a very nice light in the middle of the room.

The story begins

What If my house was a villa with a luxury lift but some disadvantage?I was thinking
if I had a villa but with a lift but with some disadvantage. Obviously I would not like to use the lift.Are you interested to know what is the disadvantage of
the lift?The disadvantage of the lift was that any person who would go into the lift would get many hurts.No one knew how this happens but they knew one thing that something would be inside that.Everyone were thinking about this.One person did not know about this and his name was William.He just went into the lift and reached the floor he wanted to and as usual he got hurt.But a good thing happened at the same moment.The same thing happened to another person at the same moment.
And he was wondering how would this happen and he found an answer for this question whenever it senses anything a ghost appears behind him and hurts people.Both went to hospital.After sometime they were fine. Everyone got to know about this.No one uses it after knowing.
Hope you all enjoyed reading my blog and always read happily!!!!

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