It’s Diwali time

Today I am Going to write about Diwali time.Diwali is the festival of lights.So lets start-

Why don’t we stop bursting crackers

Most of us burst crackers on Diwali.Why don’t we stop doing it.We can even take a toothpick and burst the balloons.The same sound will come like the bombs.Even we can make a paper cracker.Do you think these are very difficult tasks????If it is easy why don’t you do these things instead of bursting crackers…….


Why Do We Celebrate Diwali????


Do you know why do we celebrate diwali???It is okay even if you don’t know..I will explain you.Are you excited to know why do we celebrate Diwali??We celebrate Diwali because-

  • Rama killed Ravana and came back to the palace..
  • Krishna killed Narakasura..

Why is Diwali known as the festival of lights…

Diwali is known as the festival of the lights because when Rama was coming back to the palace it was a no moon day.And at that time there was no lights.So what do you think they can do??

Since it was a no moon day there wont be much light.So they lit diyas.This is how Diwali became the festival of lights..

I like diwali the most than all the festivals..So comment what is your favorite festival too..

The way I enjoyed Diwali..

Most of the people like Diwali.So I also liked Diwali this year..We celebrated Diwali very grandly this year..I also liked the new crackers which came to marketing only this year liked the whistles.It was my best cracker ever bursted!I also liked to lite the diyas and.We bursted crackers on the first and the second day.We thought of bursting crackers on second day but unfortunately my cousins bursted crackers on first day.So we bursted some crackers on first day as well as second day…..I liked the pooja.We done the pooja very nicely..

And while the pooja was happening I was thinking when will we burst the crackers…..

So I wish you all a happy Diwali in advance for the year 2019…..


Hope you all enjoyed reading my blog and always read happily..Have a good day and I will be ready with my next blog and series too…You can also brief about your favourite festival in the comment section!:)



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