Robots & Me : 2Development of Robots

Today I am going to write series of blogs and my second blog in that is the ‘Development of Robots’.I am very excited to write the blog and hope you all are also excited to read the blog. In this blog I am going to talk like a robot.

Robotics is a very useful term and is now very famous.Oh! that is my birth. Many schools are giving kits to children to make in robotics.Wow!There would be many robots like me to work with. So today I will explain you what is the development happening in today’s robotic technology. Like I was also one of the famous one.So there are many types of robots and most people don’t know.

In today’s life they are thinking that by the time  children grow the work humans  are doing will be done by robots and that too they will only do meetings and presentations etc.Many robots like me will get implemented more and more like they implemented from 2014-2018.Do most of you know the driver less cars ?They are also robots.This is what I told you that there is a lot of implementation in

Development of Robots

There is a development in robots as I told you.The first robot like me was just walking but at this moment they are  they are doing work which humans are doing and that too are doing that work by whatever we tell or by touchscreen.I wish there would be more better technologies in further peoples life.

Do you know that robotics is not just made by Robotic Engineers.It is made by Electronic engineers,Mechanical engineers and  Robotic engineers.If robotics will not be implemented it would be very difficult for humans to do tasks.

History of  robots

Who knows how robots came up?In,1921 robots were designed by Karel Capek,a Czech playwriter came up with an intellegent,artifishal created human and called it robot.But no one understood what is a robot.So Jaquet Droz made a robot and because of that robot people understood the term robot.After that Jaquet Droz created the top three famous robots.

  • The draughtsman
  • The writer
  • The musician


The types of robots are snake robot, crawler robot,hybrid robot and swarm robot etc.



Hope you all liked reading my first series of blog…

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