The movie review(Bharat ane nenu)

Hello movie lovers,

Today I am very excited and I am going to write the first movie review.Can you guess the movie name???It is actually a telugu movie..The movie name is Bharat ane nenu and was just dragging but became interesting at the last .So lets go-

Movie about

The movie was nice.The hero was Mahesh who was named Bharat in the movie and the heroin was Kiara Advani who was named Vasumathi in the movie also.The Aamani was the police officer and the assembly speaker was Jayalatita.So this is just the introduction.The movie is all about the hero becomes the Chief minister and makes all the fines high.So I will just tell this much and you will get to know about the rest if you see the movie.The movie is not playing at any movie theater now.So can watch on other websites like amazon prime or netflix.The movie was a blockbuster hit movie.

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My feelings

I loved the movie because it made me feel happy even though there is no comedy in it.I went to the movie with my grandparents,sister and mother.I just loved the movie and it is my best movie I ever saw.I also saw the Jungle book 3D but was not interesting and one of the worst movie I saw.The movie was very thrilling as well as they acted well.The movie was all about government but as I told you the movie was interesting and thrilling.It would be interesting for adults than for children.I recommend you to watch the movie and you will get to know why do I recommend to watch this movie in the next paragraph.I felt the movie was very nice that even if I saw that the movie was 2D I felt it like 3D.I think if you will see the movie it will be the best movie ever saw for you too.

My recommendation reasons

I recommend you to see the movie since the movie was thrilling and I found many reasons behind recommending the movie.

The reasons are-

  • They shooted it in a way that it has to be a hit movie and was a hit movie.
  • The acted very well.
  • The movie summary was good.
  • The people names were suitable with the movie.
  • The movie made some nice feeling in my heart..

If you see many movies ,you will know that if a movies has all these  it would be an awesome movie.So that is what this movie is..

Hope you all enjoyed reading my blog and always read happily..Have a good day and I will be ready with my next blog and series too…You can also comment your Favourite movie and if you liked the blog.This is what you have to comment-#likesaideepsblogs.


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