Robots & Me:3 Disadvantage and Advantages of Robots!

Hello Readers,

Today I am back with my series and the blog name is ‘Disadvantages and Advantages of Robots’.So are you interested to read my blog???

Robots are things that help in human life but at the same time there are some disadvantages using Robots.Now did you understand what the blog is going to be about?Do you know that my ambition is to become a CEO of any Robotic manufacturing company?

If you read all the robotics series of mine you know that I wrote most about Sophia in both the blogs.So in this blog I am going to write the disadvantages and how to build a robot without these disadvantages without spoiling human life.So it is going to happen as per my guess.So this blog is mainly for people who make robots because they make robots and because of that we are in such a stage and should stop without making this a big problem.So if you could follow these points it would be better.

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And on the other side I am going to write about the advantages of the robots.But because of this sentence don’t think robots are so useful as they cause disadvantage too.

Now lets start with the Advantages-

Advantages –

1.Robots go to space to explore the solar system and they send the details to human.One robot was sent to explore Mars recently named Mars Exploration Robot(MER).

2.Robots are also used for fighting against countries like humans do.

3.Robots are also used in car manufacturing factory especially in branded companies like audi,BMW.

4.The robots can be used to carry heavy loads 100 Gigatonnes.

5.Robots are used to drive trains and metros in further days.

In fact all these points are the things human can do.

The disadvantages are –

Disadvantage: 1.People use more plastic while making robots.So when new robots come this robot will become of waste and with plastic it causes pollution.

Solution I suggest:Instead of using plastic they could use some other material which does not make pollution.

Disadvantage:2.When big robots like Sophia tell answers to humans.People start using those instead of using their brain.This is a cause of disadvantage.

Solution I suggest:We should not use robots very frequently especially when they tell answers like Alexa , Sophia.So even if you start using your brain it will be decreasing if you use these frequently.

Disadvantage:3.When the production of robots increase after some years robots only work and people start losing jobs..

Solution I suggest:The production of robots should not suddenly increase in human life especially the big ones.

Disadvantage:4.As robots use power .The power which we get would get decreased…

Solution I suggest:We should start producing robots which use battery or any other resource except current.

Disadvantages:5.Robots store memory.Then we will stop using human memory.

Solution I suggest:Use Robots with temporary storage….

Hope you all enjoyed my blog and always read anyone or mine blog happily.You can also share your experiences reading my blogs or on robotics in the comment section.

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