Its time for my sister’s birthday!!!

Hello Readers,

Today I am back with a blog named ‘It’s time for my sister’s birthday.I am wishing it goes on a fun way.So lets start with the introduction of my sister-

The intro

My sisters name is Sannihita and she is twelve years and going to become 13.She is very excited for her birthday to come.She is also a blogger like me and her name is ‘Creative Sannihita’ like mine is ‘Thoughtful Saideep’.So why not.Shall we start with the birthday intro..

Birthday intro

I wish her birthday was in Bengaluru because her friends and some of my friends too would be invited and could play but unfortunately her birthday has to be celebrated in my native place because we go to our native place for winter vacation which is from 22nd December to 1st January and her birthday is on 1st January.That is the reason we have to celebrate it here but I am some what happy but my sister is fully excited.My sister is excited according to me because

  • The  cakes are better…
  • She could celebrate it with her grandparents..


Even though I will like to celebrate her and my birthday in Bangalore.We will start with the interesting part .Can you guess what is it??

Comparing :Is my sister’s birthday going to be grand or mine

As you people know I am writing this blog I would obviously say mine is grand whereas if my sister was writing a blog she would say her birthday is celebrated is grand but I truthfully say that both birthdays are going to be celebrated in the same way because:

  • The things I am going to have in my birthday are also going to be in my sister’s birthday.So I say both birthdays are equally celebrated.

The only thing is I celebrates with many friends whereas she doesn’t celebrate with many friend because she can’t..

Hope you all enjoyed and didn’t get bored reading my blog.You can also share your birthday experiences in the comment section…Read everyone’s blog happily.I will also be ready to write my next blog and series toooo….











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