My awesome chillax room

Hello Readers,

I am back with an blog named ‘MY chillax room’.I think by the heading you got to know what is the blog about?The blog is all about my imagination and creativity towards how I would make my room…It is so exciting know…..OH NO!I forgot to tell you what is the meaning of chillax.Chillax is where you chill and relax at the same time…

If I got to do that Firstly I would put the television on the ceiling so that I could just sleep on the sofa and see the tv upwards.Secondly I would paint all the walls black so that it is just like a planetarium.I would also like to have an machine which pull all the gravity down when we say ‘pull the gravity down’ so that we can walk on walls,float in the air for sometime and after we get bored we can just say ‘let the gravity be’ so that we can come back to the ground..

Related image

So these are the first basic things which I dreamt about.So th next part is all about little higher things…and this part is called the “Awesome room”…

In the awesome room part I would firstly like to put remote controlled curtains so that if my father opens the curtains while I am sleeping(as he gets up earlier than me)without the sun raise falling on my eyes I would just press the button and the curtains would close.I would also like to keep all the controls of my home with alexa.So that if i am sleepy I would tell alexa to off the lights and it would..This maybe could happen in reality.I would also like to keep remote controlled cupboard,locker,balcony doors and the main door.

So these are little higher than the basic ones and this is the highest one and is named,’The best room ever in the country’…

In the best room ever in the country part I would like to have a remote and robotic chefs underground so I have to just press a button in the remote for the table to come up with a small track which goes underground and if I just tell any food name after pressing the button the food would get prepared by mini Sophia(my creation of robot) in 5 minutes and the train comes up on the track to the table and delivers the food and just skids down..I would also like to put an escalator like the ones in the airport which connects all the rooms…and if you need to go faster than the escalator moves I would like to have a small car in which 2 people can sit and it will go very fast…

Hope you all enjoyed my blog and if you liked the blog just press the follow button to not miss any blogs…Read happily…


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  1. If every thing robot do you will become lazy


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