Series 4:What if I had a real robot

Hello Readers,

I am back with my series of blogs on “Robotics”. This blog named What if I had a robot is going to be all about what if I had a robot like Sophia.

As you might be sure by now, I am a robotic lover that is why I am writing these blogs. So I would be very happy if I had a robot like Sophia..That too Sophia is one in the best robots in the world.I would just grab one if I get an option to buy one.I also started the Elemento labs junior robotic program.When I got the first set of Elemento labs, I was extremely delighted that I can’t explain. Oh my God! What if I had a real robot like Sophia? Imagine how happy I would be…. And one day my dream will become true.

Image result for milo robot

So, if not Sophia, I would go for the next cute robot, “Milo robot”. You might not have heard much about it, as it is not that famous as Sophia but it is truly one of the awesome robots. Apart from normal robot’s qualities like talking, walking etc, Milo is one step ahead and hence it is actually a student assistant. Hence, it guides on your homework, it assists you when your parents are away and you need a caretaker. It knows your schedule, it takes care of your routine and that will also feel like a great company.

Next option would be the LG rolling bot.This is not like Sophia or Milo but something else , guess what? This is a robot which takes care of your pets. It also ensures your pet is fed properly, takes out for a walk, rolls downs for the pet to play, also keeps a record of your pet’s vaccinations. But first I should buy a pet anyways else it is of no use.The LG company is not that famous in making robots but with this wonderful idea of a ‘pet-taker’, they are going to reach high milestones in their journey.

Everyone has an ambition or maybe we need to dream on becoming someone in life.

Dream:My dream is to become a chief executive officer(CEO) of a robotic company and make  awesome robots like Sophia, Milo, LG bot etc. And one day, I will become and write a blog about it too 🙂

Hope you all enjoyed my blog and I will be ready with my next blog..



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