The best car company review(Hyundai)

Hello Readers,

I am back with an blog named ‘The best car company review Hyundai….In this blog, I am going to write a review of the most branded car company Hyundai…As you know in today most of the people are using Hyundai Cars…Hyundai is one of the famous Company in the world but not as famous as Benz, BMW, Audi etc…The hyundai cars have many features as well as they are high in range…..

The intro

I have experienced 2 hyundai cars and they were the best cars.Hyundai is an Korean company…The two car which I had experienced was the I10 and the famous one.Can you what was the second car I experienced?It was the Creta.We had sold the I10 to Cars 24 recently(hardly 3 months ago)and bought the new Creta.Did you know that Creta got a new facelift called the Creta facelift..The Creta facelift is having many features compared to the Creta like Sunroof…Creta is not there in any Showroom now but the Creta facelift is there in the showrooms……

Related image

Features that make it the best & special

As I can’t just tell Hyundai is the best car manufacturing company I am going to write Why is it the best manufacturing car company in this paragraph.Hyundai is the best car manufacturing company because it has Special features like the –

  • Two airbags for the driver and passenger in the front in all the cars..
  • You also get a smart key band in which it allows you  to open doors and also acts like a fitbit..
  • Light steering which is easy to control..
  • It also comes with a hill assist control(HAC)…
  • Smooth driving on roads…

Why I recommend it to you

I recommend it to you because it has many features but only the rate is high.So do you wanted to loose an chance of buying an awesome car just because of one disadvantage???

I will tell you what cars come in what range…

Hatchbacks-I20,Grand I20,Grand I10,Santro(new version)


Crossovers-I20 active

Suv-Creta facelift ,Tuscon

Fact:There is also a new version of Santro which is a hatchback but has Suv features..

Hope you all enjoyed my blog and I will be ready wit my next blog and series too..Don’t forget to Follow…And also don’t forget to visit the Hyundai Showroom  if you are looking for a  best car…..


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