Chess: The most interesting game(part-1)

Hello readers,

This blog is to give a basic information on the world’s most intelligent game – “Chess”

I am going to write about how to play chess, how do pieces move, points, squares, names of the pieces and what are the materials needed ,how to win the game and how to arrange the board. So if you read my blog and you don’t know how to play chess after reading my blog you will get to know how to play chess.

Name and moves of the pieces

Pawn:Soldier also known as pawn called the soldier moves one step forward.It moves two or one step(as per your choice)when you did not move that piece before..The piece does not capture straight but while capturing it captures cross…

Rook:The rook in all 4 corners move straight but it can move how many ever steps and also captures straight.

Knight:The knight is next to the rook and moves in a “L” shape.So it moves 3 steps forward and 1 step left or right.This piece can also jump over pieces..

Bishop:The bishop is next to the knight and moves piece moves diagonally and it also moves how many ever steps you want..

King:The piece which is next to the right bishop is called the king and can move any side but only one step…

Queen:The piece which is next to the left bishop is called the queen and can move how many ever steps and can move any side…

Point of pieces

The king contains the most points with infinity points.So while playing chess be careful that no piece is attacking that.The second piece that you should be careful of is the Queen.It is the second powerful piece on the board.It has nine points..The third powerful piece is the Rook.It contains 5 points.The next powerful piece is the Knights and the bishops.They contain 3 points.The weakest piece is the pawn.It contains only 1 point…But the pawn is mainly used when you wanted any piece so for that you should take the pawn to the last line(for black to row 1 and for white to row 8).So then you can take any piece which you wish too except king or pawn.Most of the people take Queen..This is called pawn promtion.So if your Queen is not captured and you take 8 pawn promotions with all 8 pawns.You will have a total of 9 queens if this happens.This is the maximum number of queens that can be on a chess board..

Image result for about chess in an picture

How to name the squares

So do you know how to see the squares?if not,don’t worry..You can see the squares by the following steps:

1.See the alphabets and numbers which are printed in the side.

2.So then see the square which you wanted to see the name..

3. So then just see the alphabet which is right below the square..Ex:a

4.Then you should see the number right beside it.If you get number 5 or and other number.First see the alphabet(f) and then the number(5).So the square name is F5..

Hope you all enjoyed my blog.I didn’t cover the rules and all so I will cover this in the next blog “Chess:The most interesting game(part-2).I will also be ready with my next blog and series too.

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