Chess: The most interesting game(part-2)

Hello readers,

I am back with a blog named ” Chess :The most interesting game part 2″. Hope you all read my blog “Chess:The most interesting game part 1”.If you did not read that blog just click the link here to read it-

In this blog I will be telling you how to win the game,how to arrange the board and the rules of chess.,how to castle..

How to arrange the board

So many beginner of chess or who are new to chess may not know how to arrange the board.So if you also do not know, do not worry I will tell you how to arrange the board.

So the column 1 and 2 will always be arranged as white and 7 and 8 will be arranged as black.

1.Pawns-The pawn are arranged in the column 7 for black and column 2 for white..

2.Rooks-The rook will be arranged in the corners in the 8th column for black and 1st column for white.

3.Knight-The knight i next to all the rook.White knights beside white rooks and black knights beside black rooks.

4.Bishop-The bishops are in the C1 and F1 square  for white and C8 and F8 for black.

5.Queen-The queen is in the D1 square for white and D8 square for black.

6.King-The king is on the E1 square for white and on the E8 square for black..

Rules of chess

1.When a king is given a check the king should move ,block the check with any other piece,or capture the piece which is given check.(Check is when the opponent attacks your king)

2.You can not move any other piece when the check is given if it is not able to block the check or capture the piece which is giving check.If you do this it is called an ealigle and if you do two ealigles you lose the match.

3.White always starts to play the game..


Checkmate is when you win and this is how you win-If the king is given check and can not move anywhere because if you move there it will again be a check either block the check or capture the piece which is giving check.In this position it is called checkmate and you win the game if you trap the opponents king without letting it move anywhere..If the opponent does 2 ealigles you win the match.

How to castle

When your bishop on the “f1″square for white and “f8″square for black and your knight on “g1″square for white and “g8” square for black are moved somewhere you can castle.Castle is when you would move your king 2 steps to the right and the bring your rook to the “f1” square for white and “f8” square for black.Castling helps you to protect your king from being a checkmate

Hope you all enjoyed my blog.

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