The Book without pages

Hello readers,

Have you ever seen a book Without Pages. But this is a blog in which I am going to blog about ‘Books without pages’. Let’s start-

There was a bookshop named ‘The robotic bookshop’. Could you just get to know why was the shop named ‘The robotic bookshop?No problem I would tell you.It is named like that because the books in the factory are manufactured by robotics and the people who would help us in a bookshop were also robots and there was only one person who used to bill and take the money.At last even the car was self driving. The bookshop was small so just 3 cars were enough to shift the books from  the factory to the bookshop.

Afterwards the bookshop sold books for less rates because the robots manufactured and it would cost them lesser.The bookshop got all reviews in 5 star.Later the robots had to publish books very Fast.It is so fast like it should publish 300 books/minute. The robots could manage it some how. And the bookshop gets almost 1000 books of each variety and would take extra if the customers buy the book a lot.And the surprising thing is that the shop would open at 8:30 AM and by 10:00 AM most of the books were sold off.Like that the shop became so famous that it would get sold too fast.After that the same company shops became a big chain.

Image result for robotics

After some years the robots had a lot of pressure because the production was a lot because the bookshop became famous and the chain continued but they did not increase the number of factory’s.

One day there was a new book published by Saideep publishers.It was sold to the robotics bookshop.It’s name was “The aliens escape dream”. It was a fiction book.The first page was so beautiful in general.The robots had made the first cover as it is but the other robot who should print the pages in it could not because the robot got spoiled because they gave it a lot of work(it printed about 5000-10000/day). It was supplied to the whole chain of robotic bookshops.Because 2 or 3 more branches got more the number of cars were 10.The books safely reached all the bookshops.The people were just seeing the first cover and the first cover was so beautiful that the people didn’t even bother to open the book and read and they just bought it.Afterwards even the price increased day by day from Rs.250 to Rs.1000.Afterwards when the customers went home and saw the book there were no pages in it.Like that so many customers bought the book and they all gave 1 star to the bookshop only because of this reason.And the bookshop rating from 5 star was to 1 star.And then even one book was not sold in the bookshop.So they had to close it and closed the bookshop forever.

Hope you all enjoyed my blog:)

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