The best restaurant(Flechazo)review

Hello readers,

Today I am back with a blog named ‘The best restaurant(Flechazo).

As many people be going to different restaurants I also went and in all of them, I liked Flechazo the most which is near Whitefield.It is not actually a restaurant but a barbecue.

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Why do I like it

There are different choices for everyone and a reason behind it and why they liked the restaurant.So like that I am going to write what restaurant I like and why?As I told you I like Flechazo I will tell you the reasons.I like it because there are many options and different types of food.Even I know that they are many barbecues but I will tell you why it is the best…

Why is it the best and what makes it special

It is the best because it has different types of food and there is a track running in the entrance and if you want anything you can just pick it..There is also an activity for children.Can you guess what is the activity for the children?If you can’t guess I will tell you .The activity is pizza making.So if you have a child and you went to flechazo your child can make a pizza and the same which your child made will be given to you ..So isn’t it amazing..DO you know that I went to it many times?I nearly went to it 5-10 times.I know you must be thinking we are mad..

Why I reccomend it

Isn’t it tempting..That is the reason I reccomended you.There are two branches of Flechazo one in marathalli and one in Whitefield(near hydrebadi chefs,Whitefield).So if you are looking to go to a barbeque go to Flechazo.It is the best barbeque ever..

Hope you all enjoyed my blog and I will be ready with my next blog and series too..

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