The Best Year:2018

Hello Readers,

Today I am back with an interesting blog named ‘The best year ever:2018′.So my blog is going to be my experiences of the year and many more details as it is almost the end of the year and the new 2019 is going to start.So you read this blog to get to know my experiences and details of this year.

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The things I felt in 2017 that has to happen in 2018!

As you all know people think that  this has to happen this year in the month of December.Like that I also felt that somethings should happen in 2018 and that is what I am going to tell you in this paragraph.The first thing that I thought was a positive thought and it was that I have to get some medals in any of the olympiad because I participate in all olympiads like the IMO,NCO.THe second thought was that my father and mother would allow me to do whatever I want.

January,February and March

The January was the best month ever compared to the rest of the months because I had a lot of fun in January.February had only 28 days so did not have much fun in 2018.I had much fun in march too but not more than January.I went to many places in March like Hospet.We went to many places in January too.So why not?Shall we start with April ,May ,June…..


I like these three months the most however June was not so good as others.But as I told you January was the best month which is also better than these months.I like April and May because we get holidays for summer.And I don’t like June so much because the school re-opens on 1st of June and have to go to school again.School is fun but at the same time we have to study.That is why I don’t like going to school so much.However the first day of school is awesome as we get to know the names of our new teachers and we do fun activities instead of studying.So lets go forward and know my experiences about the next three months.


I don’t like July,August,September because there is nothing so fun in those months but only one thing that it is my cousin brothers birthday in September and his name is Vishal.So lets start with the next three awesome months…


The best month in these three is December since it is my birthday and many other fun things like Christmas.My birthday is on December 17th.In november we have childrens day and in October there is nothing much but only one thing Gandhi Jayanti.

Hope you all enjoyed my blog and always read my blogs happily.Comment your favourite month and why in the comment section…..Bye Bye!!!


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