My contribution towards the society

Hello readers,

I am back with a blog named ‘My contribution towards the society’.I guess by the heading what the blog is going t be about?If not,I will tell you.The blog is going to be about what I did to my society…Did you do anything helpful to your society..If yes,comment what you did in the comment section…

Image result for helping society clipart

Yes I did help my society two times.I helped my society when I was 7 years(just 1 year back) by going to the orphanage with my father and gave them rice and they were so happy that I can’t explain in this blog.I guess I should write another blog on that…I was  also happy because they were happy.After seeing the orphanage and sat in the car then I understood all the difficulties of them.They were so sad facing the difficulties before but after we went to give them the rice they felt so happy..

Secondly I also helped the society when I was in my natives place on my sisters birthday.Me,my sister and grandfather went to give cake to them and the same they were happy but this time they wished my sister happy birthday…Are you interested to know the orphanage name?If yes, the orphanage name is Sirisha rehabilitation centre.It is a NGO..WE gave them a cake because we bought 2 cakes and my uncle sent 1 cake..

You all also can contribute towards the society…

Hope you all enjoyed my blog and I will be ready with my next blog and my robotic series too……

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