The proverb

Hello Readers,

Today I am back with a blog named “The proverb”.So after reading the heading you would get to know that I am going to write this blog about a proverb but could you guess what proverb I am going to tell about?The proverb is “When life gives you lemon, make lemonade”.I told you the proverb and you have to guess the meaning of it.Just comment in the comment section if you know the proverb or its meaning.It means Lemon shows sourness or difficulty in life and when it changes into lemonade it shows something  possible or desirable.


The proverb which I just picked is not very common but after I got to know the proverb and I understood the meaning of it I liked it so much because it had so much meaning in it.If you also liked the proverb which I am going to tell you,just comment.I got to know about this proverb very recently.I searched for the proverb to write this blog..When I just heard the proverb I thought the meaning of the proverb was if life gives you opportunities,use those opportunities..

This proverb was created in 1948.It was created by a magician who could make lemonade into lemon..

I would tell you a joke about this proverb-

Child:In school they said “When life gives you lemons ,make lemonade..

Father:Son,Life wont give you lemon.Nothing is free in life

Hope you all enjoyed  my blog. If you too know a proverb you need to just comment in the comment section..

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