Friendship day

Hello Readers,

Today I am going to blog about friendship day.

As we all know on Friendship day we give friendship bands to others but instead of giving bands which are made in the shops we can make bands at home with loom bands or tell a wish to your friend happily.Your wish will be more powerful in this way.It also helps in reducing plastic.

My friends

As on friendship day we wish our friends I also wished my friends.So let me tell you in a brief about my friends-

I have almost 6 friends and they are Suhas,Rehaan,Eshaan anna(brother),Ansh,Rachith and Shiven are a few in my friend list, with whom I connected easily. Suhas is a kind  and a helpful boy and also good in Football. Rachith is also a kind boy who is very good in football. Rehaan was a friend who lived in the apartment I lived before.He also shifted and even I shifted.We shifted from a apartment named Raycon Lotus.We played cricket in the corridor almost everyday as no one used to tell us anything.We really missed each other a lot for a few days but it was all fine with me after some days as I got new friends.He shifted to a place near Decathlon.Eshaan is one of my friend who is in 7th grade.He also used to be in my old apartment.Ansh is still my friend in the school.He just became a friend with me from last year.Shiven is also one of my friend who is still there in the school.He became friend with me from when I was in 2nd grade.


Making a million friends is not a miracle.The miracle is to make a friend who will stand by you when million people are against you.

Friendship day is not celebrated for anything but for remembering your friendship in the past or current.

Hope you all enjoyed my blog and even comment in the comment section if you remember any of your friends after reading this blog.

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