Hello Readers,

Are you wondering what this title is all about? Is it a fruit market? Or health blog ?Or some recipe for yummy dinner? Not at all. I am going to write about a conversation between Apple,Banana,Tomato.You might be thinking how do fruits start a conversation. Haha, I am going to imagine these things as characters.So let me introduce a bit about them to you-


Apple was a eight year old girl who was studying in third grade.She was very responsible for her things and did not even forget anything.She was very good in art.So art ma’am liked her a lot.In art period,she would complete her work very fast and used to help others.She was even very good at  studies but not so good at OC(Outdoor Champs). Her outdoor champs was basketball.


Banana was a nine year old girl too who studies in Grade 3 since she had started nursery at 3 and 1/2 years.She is not so good at art or studies but good at OC,basketball as she also chose basketball.She even goes to basketball coaching.She is only good in math as she can understand the concepts well and know many more things out of the syllabus.As everyone likes the period they are good in and she also liked OC and usually preferred to go as soon as possible.


She was also a eight year old girl like Apple.She was good in only studies and IC(Indoor Champs). Her indoor champs was gymnastics.She even got an opportunity to perform gymnastics on Independence day in the celebrations.She was not boasting at all that she got selected.On the day of Independence day she got a real gold medal.After she getting the medal and everyone congratulated her very proudly as she was their classmate.On the medal it was written “The best person to do gymnastics”.She then liked gymnastics a lot and did not even have over confidence.This leaded her to do better gymnastics.She did gymnastics like this 👇


So Apple,Banana and tomato were in different houses like Banana was in Gladiators,Apple in Warriors and Tomato in gladiators.

So Banana told lets see who will score more points for their team as Tomato can do good gymnastics,Banana in basketball and tomato in a quiz on Republic day as the competitions will be held only on that day.



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