Teachers Day

Hello Readers,

As you all know that today is teachers days,I am going to write about teachers day.Teachers day is celebrated on 5th September.I like all the teachers but I like Deepa ma’am and Nagavignesh sir the most.They both are STEaM(robotics) teachers.Deepa ma’am taught me last year and Nagavignesh sir is teaching this year.Deepa ma’am teaches for 6th graders and above.Nagavignesh sir teaches from 3rd to 6th grade.The students for whom Deepa ma’am takes class does Lego Mindstormer whereas we do Lego Wedo 2.0.Every week we get a kit from the Kutuhal called Makerspace.This is the only thing common between Deepa ma’am and Nagavignesh sir’s classes. And both of them are my favorites.

Why is teachers day celebrated?

Many people do not know why is teachers day celebrated?Even I didn’t know earlier but I got to know that teachers day is celebrated to pay respect to the teachers and also to express their gratitude.Now you have a doubt why is it celebrated only on that day ,right?The birth date of the India’s 2nd president,Sarvepalli Radhakrishan,5th September 1888 has been celebrated as teachers day from the year,1962.

A brief about my class teachers.

There are two class teachers,Ruchira ma’am and Dhanlakshmi ma’am,Ruchira ma’am teaches Math and Science whereas Dhanlakshmi ma’am teaches English and Social Studies. Both teachers teach very well and I like they’re way of teaching.

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About all my other teachers

Alka ma’am teaches Hindi(2nd language) and I like the way she makes us understand the concept with playing activities.Rekha ma’am teaches us computer.Shilpa ma’am teaches us art.Nagavignesh helps us in building robots.Sudarshini ma’am is the coordinator for 4th grade. PA(Don sir for music),IC(Chess ma’am for chess) and OC(Shiva sir for football.I would also thank Narmadha aunty(my blogging teacher). Because of her only I understood about expressing my thoughts via blogs, including my gratitude to all teachers.Also there are two more teachers.Neha aunty teaches me abacus and Dr.Narsimha Murthy sir teaches chess.They both also helped me a lot.

Hope you all enjoyed my blog and happy teachers day.

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