Cleanliness vs Coronavirus

 Hello Readers,

I am back with my blogs and now the whole world is suffering because of Coronavirus.So let me give you a brief about Coronavirus.


It is a virus that spreads through small droplets.It started in the city of Wuhan,China.The current news is telling it started from a bat but it is not confirmed.It doesn’t even have a proper medicine.So the only way to stop coronavirus is being clean.So that is the topic,Cleanliness.Let’s move on.

Image result for coronavirus photosCleanliness-

What are the the types of cleanliness?

The two types of cleanliness are-

1)Clean Surroundings

2)Keeping yourself clean(Personal Cleanliness)

First let’s talk about keeping your surroundings clean.

How to keep your surroundings clean?

We can keep surroundings clean by-

1)Stop dumping garbage outside just like that.You can throw it in the dustbin instead.

2)Stop sneezing or coughing on things instead use a cloth to sneeze when outside.

3)Clean your surroundings regularly(Once or twice a week).

go clean

Now let’s talk about personal cleanliness.

Personal cleanliness is the most important thing.

How to keep yourself clean?

1)Organise your hair properly.

2)Wear neat clothes.Keeping yourself clean bit wearing dirty clothes doesn’t make sense and also doesn’t have a use.So wear neat clothes.

My friend who is organised-

Actually all my friends are organised so I can’t mention one friend.But if I would have been asked to mention one friend I would mention Shiven.He is one of my friend who is really organised.

I told you all this but do you know why is cleanliness important?

Don’t worry if you don’t know I’ll tell you.

Why is cleanliness important?

Cleanliness is important because it is one of the medicine for many diseases and one of the disease is Corinavirus. That is why there is a idiom telling Be Clean,Avoid Diseases.

This is not the only use but there are many other uses such as

If you keep you place clean you even feel peaceful but if the place is shaddy and dirty you do not even feel peaceful.

There is also a research telling keeping yourself and your surroundings clean boosts you immunity.

So can’t we follow these small steps to avoid such a large virus?

Hope you all liked my blog and hope you follow the tips.

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