A perfect Day

Hello Readers,

A perfect day?What are you talking about?All days are perfect for me.Are you thinking like this?No,no. In this blog I am going to tell you what a perfect day means to me. So what are we waiting for let’s move on.

A perfect day to me is a day in which I don’t have any other work except relaxing.I have another blog on how my chillax room would be.This is the link https://thoughtfulsaideep.wordpress.com/2019/01/28/my-awesome-chillax-r

Now I do not want to explain about that blog.So let’s move on.

A perfect Day would sound like this to me.I would have a nice room designed like that room.I would fully spend time.I would like to have food like Pizza and Burger.I would like to go to some malls and roam around happily. Wouldn’t it be cool.For me it would of course be cool.I would also like to have a artificial snow room.

I would also like to play some games like shooting,dart board and a bowling arena.

I would like to go to a play arena too.I would start playing for so much time.


I would like to have one at home.Then I don’t even need to pay and I can play for how much ever time.I do not know about you but I would love it.

Image result for timezone playareaSomewhat like this.

SO I even like football and I guess I play well

So as I like to play football I would like to got play in a football ground.Don’t think the football ground is very normal.I would go to a football field which has a robot goalkeeper.This is a goalkeeper that can save many hard kicks.Even football champions can’t shoot(it’s very rare).Now you would have already imagined how hard it is to shoot against that goalkeeper.That is why I want to go to a football ground  which has the robot goalkeeper.So I’ll show you the picture of  the robot goalkeeper👇

Image result for robot goalkeeper

Oh!After I was telling Robot Goalkeeper,I remember that I also like to spend the day in making robotics.

Image result for robotics room at home

I would spend the day building Lego Mindstormer,Wedo and Arudino most of the time.I would also like to make something innovative.

Hope this once becomes real.

Hope you all enjoyed my blog.Catch you on my next blog.

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  1. Nagavignesh Chandrakumar says:

    Nice blog Saideep….


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