Technology with teaching curriculum!

Hello Readers,

I am back with my blogs.In the current situation everyone are talking about technology.Technology has become a great part of our lives.From small villages to big cities everywhere there is a word and that is ‘TECHNOLOGY’.So do you how the technology is integrated in the teaching curriculum.Don’t worry if you don’t know.I’ll tell you.So why are we waiting?Lets start-


Image result for projector in classroom

A projector is a very useful technology to teach kids.Even they like to see projector.There was a research telling kids listen and understand much better when the learn on projectors instead of boards.So that is why some schools have a app in the projector which is just like Microsoft Paint so the teacher writes on it using a pen like the S-pen(Samsung pen which is used to write on the Samsung phones).It’s actually true the children were now more interested in studies and they always wanted to write notes but before they used to hate notes.One of the school which did this is the GEAR school in Bangalore.Thanks to Edweard Muybridge(who created projector) for making the children gain interest in studies with just a projector. Isn’t it interesting that a projector made so many children get interest in studies.

2)STEaM Lab / Kutuhal Lab


As you all know I love STEaM. There is a STEaM Lab too.As you all know the full form of STEaM is Science,Technology,Engineering,art and Math.So these all are needed to build robotics.Oh!just leave it if you already know,lets just continue.As I was saying we have a STEaM lab also called the Kutuhal lab.Now are you asking what is Kutuhal?Kutuhal is a company that provides nice kits at a reasonable price which are given by our school.You can also buy it separately to deliver it to your home.This is the website-Kutuhal Website.Not only Kutuhal we also use other kits such as for 1st to 5th grade we use Lego Wedo and for 6th to 8th grade we use Lego Mindstormer. We get Kutuhal Kits only once a month.We also sometimes use Lego Simple Machines.So lets move on-

3)Tabs which provide Homework(HW)

Schools like Chaitanya do not provide homework to write.They give a specialized tab in which nothing opens except homework(just like Byjus tab but in Byjus tab you can open other things).So everyday the homework gets updated and you have a pen again just like the S-pen.You have to just fill or write the answers in the tab with that pen and submit it.This was created to not waste time in the morning to write diary and it also keeps the student’s bag light.

4)A app that is developed by China for the children to study at home as they can not go to school because of the Corona virus.

China developed a app to practice at home with small quizzes as they can not go to school because of the Corona virus.

So now you know about some of the current technologies useful for curriculum but do you know one of the upcoming technology useful for curriculum.If you do not know do not worry I will tell you.

1)Robotic Teachers


There are many predictions that in the future there will be robotic teachers but do not worry you will have a class teacher who is not a robot. Isn’t it cool to have robotic teachers.

Now I’ll tell you a joke about this

Father who works in a robotic company-Child,There will be Robotic Teachers in the future.

Child-Father,there are so many robots and now you are telling that there will be robotic teachers.Why can’t they even develop a robotic student?So,I do not need to go to school. 🤣 

Hope you liked my blog.Catch you on my next blog.



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