Meet Shiven,My best friend

Hello Readers,

I am back with my blogs and I have a interesting topic.Any guesses about the what am I going to write?I am going to write about….any guesses?I am going to write a review about one my best friend whose name is Shiven.Isn’t it interesting? I can tell you this blog will have every emotion from my heart like friendship,little fights, humor etc.So what are waiting for?Lets just start but before that I have to ask you something.I am excited to write the blog.But are you excited to read the blog.If yes,comment in the comment section.Anways let’s start.Are you ready to start?Lets start-

Do you have any guesses on how he is-Lazy?Active?Hyperactive?Strong?Weak?As strong as they can stop a ball that is going in the speed of 113km/per hr.No.Let me now tell about him.

He is kind of active.He is very strong.He plays football very well.He is so strong that if he shoots fro m one goal the ball will go to another goal.He is really friendly.That is why I like him a lot.So let me first talk about his strength.

His strengths-

1.He is very strong as I already told you.

2.He is very good in studies and he sometimes also tells me something which I do not know and I tell him which he does not know.

3.He is very active so when he is the defender while playing a and he is in the other corner but the ball is with the opponent,he still runs so fast and saves the ball from a goal.

I like another thing in him.Can you guess what?

4.He runs very fast that he always wins first or second place in sports day.


There is one thing I do not like about him.

Can you guess what I do not like about him?

The thing I do not like about him is that if he makes a joke about me I leave it,but if I again make a joke about him he doesn’t be my friend and all that happens.

I also remember a funny incident when me and Shiven both were playing football together.

The ball was with the opponent and he was coming to shoot a goal.And then me and Shiven kicked the ball which was with him at the same time.It went high in the air.But the funny thing was that the goalkeeper was in front and the ball went to a goal.🤣

We also had some some small talks on papers between classes.

But I have a sad thing to tell.

The sad thing is that he is leaving this school next year.So because of this lockdown I can not even see him because there are no exams too.Hope I see him anytime soon.

Hope you enjoyed my blog catch you on my next blog.

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