A story

Hello Readers,

I am back with my blogs and today I am going to tell you a small story about a picture  and here is the picture



Are  you thinking what story will I write with an ice cream.So why are we waiting?Let’s start –

One Sunny Morning there were many people in one place.There were discussing about the picnic.It was very nice.The before day they went to an amusement park and enjoyed a lot.They were happy and every thing was fine.After that they came back from the amusement park and started packing for the picnic.The picnic was at 6:00 pm the next day.There were 50 people invited to the picnic.The picnic was till the next day 6:00 pm.They were really happy and excited to go to the picnic.In the morning they got very excited and started to jump.They started to enjoy a lot right before the picnic.After that they went to the picnic in the car.Then enjoyed a lot in the car too.Oh!I forgot to tell you where the picnic was in.It was in a garden in Chandigarh.They enjoyed a lot in the party and they started playing games like “Catch and Catch”,Football and Cricket.They even started playing Dodge ball.It was night and it was like 8:00 pm and they booked a hotel nearby.It was a five star hotel and it was very nice.In the morning they again woke up and again started playing the games but now most people played Dodge Ball.They ate lunch and after that they decided to eat ice-cream.The ice-cream was like like the ice-cream in the picture.It was kept in a refrigerator in the hotel.They opened it and they saw that there were only 49 ice-creams but there were 50 people.After that they got to the one ice cream.They searched everywhere in the refrigerator but couldn’t find it.One adult told I don’t wanna it but they didn’t want him to not get a ice-cream.After that they got to know that one was a ice cream holder which could hold 2 ice-creams.Then they distributed the ice-creams and spent the rest of the picnic happily.They afterwards went back.

So this was the journey of the picnic.

Hope you all enjoyed the blog.Catch you on my blog.

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