One habit I would follow in these 21 days

Hello Readers,

I a back with my blog and today I have a interesting topic.The topic is that ‘One habit I would follow in these 21 days”.As you all know that Narendra Modi declared 21 days of lock-down.I am taking one habit to follow in these 21 days so that it will eventually be a habit for me.So if any of you are also taking such habits to follow in these 21 days ,comment in the comment section.So why are we waiting?Lets Start –

So habit I am taking is to decrease my screen time to 1 or 1 and half hour.So these helps a lot for me.That is the reason I picked this habit.So if you also took the same or similar habit,put a thumbs up in the comment section.So this helps a lot for my eyes.And even in that 1 hour I would spend maximum time for blogging and minimal time for youtube.It was very tough for me in the starting of the lock-down to follow this but eventually I became used to it.It is very simple to do this but very useful.That is why they tell animals can see better.It is because animals don’t watch TV , Laptop or Mobile.They spend time with nature.This is a great way to make your eyesight better.Let me tell you a small story on this –

There was a hunter who lived in a forest and there were many animals in the forest too.There were two bears too.The bears were always opposing the hunter and saving the animals from him.One day the hunter came fully armed with weapons and caught one of the bear.The second bear got very angry and went to hit him but he just hit the bear with one hand.After that the second bear got to know that he was doing workout so he became so fit.And she also got to know that he is going to sell the first bear in the morning.The second morning arrived and everything started braking.He knew that the second bear did this.He didn’t mind about it and continued to start the preparations to sell the first bear.He took the bear in the car with him to sell it.There was a squirrel too and the squirrel made a hole between the road in the forest.The hunter couldn’t not see the road properly as he had sight but still drove.Then he tripped on the hole and the car twisted.The second bear made the first bear escape.

macOS Catalina Features: Using Screen Time

Did you now understand the disadvantage of high screen time?That is the reason why I took this habit.

Hope you all also take a habit like this.Catch you on my next blog.

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