The Angry Sky and Crying Sea

Hello Readers,

I am back with my blogs and today I have a really interesting topic.Any guesses about the topic or are you confused with the topic?First even I thought about what to write but after that I got an idea.So today I will be writing a picture blog.Are you thinking what the piure is. So now you have a clarity of the photo but do you know what am I going to write about.I am going to write about the photo in the featured image.So the heading is “The Angry Sky and Crying Sea”.So I am going to write about a research on how would it be if the nature is sad or unhappy.So why are we waiting?Let’s start –

As per one research there are many dis-advantages if the nature is sad.I’ll mention some of them here.

So as you all know if you are sad you have many disadvantages like health problems,sleeping disorders and being sick.So in the same way if the nature is sad,it causes many problems.It doesn’t cause to the nature but also to us.There are problems like –

  • It creates viruses like the Corona-virus.
  • It creates financial troubles.Now do you ask ‘How does it create financial troubles.It creates financial troubles because if there is something like Corona.There will be financial troubles as we are experiencing.
  • After this I would not like to mention all as I do not need to explain as we are already experiencing.So these are the dis advantages.

And now do you know why the nature feels sad.It is all because of us.We are the ones creating problems like pollution etc.We are spoiling the own nature.Now are you surprised creating pollution will cause viruses.Yeah,a research proved it.Now if we follow these,I may write a blog topic named “The happy sky and excited sea” instead of  “The angry sky and crying Sea”.

Hope you all enjoyed my blog.Catch you on my next blog.

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