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I am back with my blogs and I have a interesting topic.Can you guess the topic.It is “Waft”.Does anyone know  what is the meaning of  “waft”?If you know the meaning comment in the comment section.I’ll give you a clue.The clue is that it is a synonym of  “Glide”.As I said if you know comment in the comment section , otherwise wait till the end of the blog to know the meaning.So why are we waiting?Let’s start the blog-But before that I want to tell you something.I am going to tell you that this blog is gonna be really interesting and please don’t google for the meaning.Let’s start-

Waft Meaning - YouTube

So this is also going to be fun because I am going to be giving you clues to guess the meaning of the word and you have to guess the meaning.Also do not forget to comment on which clue did you get the meaning.So here are the clues-

  1. As,I already said you it is a synonym of “Glide.It is also a synonym of  “float”.
  2. It is a antonym of  “keep”.
  3. It is something related to air.
  4. It is not something related to “Science”.
  5. There are three meanings two as nouns and two as verbs but all the three meanings are similar and related.
  6. It was first “Wachten” in Dutch and later “Wachter” in Dutch.It was later changed to “Wafter” in English and finally “Waft” in English in early 16th century.I am talking about the origin of this word.As you saw firstly the word “Waft’s” called “Watchen” in that time had the origin “Dutch”.
  7. This word was mostly used in the olden days.

This is the last clue I am giving and I guess many people will guess it by this clue.

  • One sentence in which “Waft” is used is “The smell of chicken soup wafted up to my bedroom”.

If you got it comment it with in which clue did you get it.If you didn’t get it,I am going to tell you.The meaning of waft is to “move gently through the air”.

Hope you all had fun guessing the meaning.Catch you on my next blog.

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  1. Deepika Tummala says:

    Well organized!!


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