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Hello Readers,

I am back with my blogs.And in this blog I am going to interview one of the teacher I like the most.Can you guess who is the teacher?She is the teacher who teaches the topic which I have interest in.I guess you already understood which teacher I am going to write about as I have already written a series on that topic. Which series?It is none other than “Robotics”.If you haven’t read my blogs on the Robotic series.I’ll show you the first one.Here is the link-Series 1:Robotics and me.It is none other than my STEaM teacher whom I like the most.So let us start with the interview.Her name is “Uma ma’am”.So the answer in double quotes(“”)is the answer I received from her.
How are you feeling in the challenging time of COVID-19?

“I am feeling good and happy as I am secured.”

What was your ambition and did you achieve it?

“My first ambition was to become an IT engineer and my second ambition was to work in IBM.I did achieve it as I worked in IBM before joining Chrysalis High”.

I am also very proud to have such an ambitious teacher.
Did you have interest in Robotics when you were young?

“Yeah!Every child has interest in Robotics when they are young”.

Which was the best day in your life?

“The best day in my life was when my daughter(Sarah)was born”.

How was your experience at Chrysalis High as a STEaM teacher?

“Her experience was very good at Chrysalis High as she learnt a lot.I also learnt about how to do school work instead of IT.”

How would you explain how the change was when you left “IBM” and joined “Chrysalis High”?

“It was my first company,so I loved it.But I had to change for my daughter as I wanted to teach her & once I joined “Chrysalis High” I loved teaching.”

What are your hobbies or what do you do on a weekend or holiday?

“I love to Paint.I also like to do Glass,Canvas and Bottle paintings.I also do Yoga and Dance with my daughter,Sarah”.

What was one of the funniest childhood memories with you friends?

“When I was in Junior KG,I didn’t tell my parents and went to my friends house with my friend.My parents even gave police complaint and searched for me from morning to evening.I even had lunch in my friend’s house.After that I came happily in the evening to home.”

Did you have fun being interviewed?

“Yeah!I especially had fun because my student interviewed me”.

But unfortunately,she won’t be teaching us in the next year as she is leaving this branch and is joining another branch of the same school.

Do you know who first taught me Robotics?

It was none other than Deepa ma’am(my first STEaM teacher)who has given introduction towards robotics, which made me more curious to explore and learn.I am very happy to work with both the teachers.

I also thank Uma ma’am for spending her time in interviewing her

Hope you all enjoyed reading my interview.Catch you on my next blog.

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  1. Deepika Tummala says:

    Good job with blogging Sai!! Keep continuing to spend the valuable time you’ve got now in doing productive activities that will make you see yourself each day as a better equipped person than the day before. 👍😊


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