If I was the PM……..

Hello Citizens,I would firstly stop all the international flights so that cases won’t be increased from people who come from other countries.Secondly,I would create social awareness about Corona-Virus by giving speeches,So that People are aware about the situation outside.After that I would decrease the number of rumors that are being spread.Hence,that would help in people not know fake information.I would also create official Government websites just like the Covid19India.org or India.Gov.in.Here are the links of the websites👇

This is the link of India.Gov.in

This is the link of Covid19India.org

I would also keep polices from small villages to big cities since the Corona is spreading very fast and need to be stopped.Which almost means I would keep polices for 4,000 towns and cities in total.I would extend the lockdown step by step by relaxing until Corona-Virus is totally down.I would also dedicate a specific time slot or a day to the Doctors and Police as they are working really hard keeping their life’s at risk in the Corona time for India.Now I would do one of the most important thing that will help so many companies.Can you guess what is it?Yes it is none other than the“Financial Troubles” as many companies are facing this problem especially small vendors.So I would take a important decision on this.

I would start to make donations.I would start making people donate money if they want to.This will help a lot.Have you heard this quotation “Small differences leads to Big Changes”.That is the exact same thing.I”ll show it to you practically.Example:If a company has 50,000 employees in India.And if each employee donates a ₹100.Ther itself the company can collect 50 lacks in India.And this is already a lot.If they collect it Worldwide,they can maybe collect 5 times the amount they collected in India totally.This may at least solve 90% of the financial troubles.I would also make every citizen donate.Example:There are 135.26 crores in India and if a person donates at least ₹10.They can at least collect a ₹135,26,00,000


Are you confused about what am I writing?I am writing about how would I be if I was the PM of India.Did you like it?Is it interesting.Let me know in the Comment Section about how did you feel while reading the blog.I felt very interesting reading the blog.So now lets talk about the Advantages and Disadvantages of Corona-Virus.


  • There are lesser accidents and there are lesser people coming to hospitals.
  • Many people are not coming on the roads.So indirectly the pollution is decreased a lot.
  • Many people are now spending time with family instead of gadgets.
  • The air surrounded by a person who has corona will be ionised and the effective diameter of the conductor increases.The advantage of this is that “The increased diameter of the conductor reduces the electrostatic stresses between the two conductors.


  • As you all know many companies and industries are getting Financial troubles.
  • Many people are passing away because of Corona Virus.
  • There is a prediction that the pollution will go high right after the lockdown is over.

Another thing is that many doctors are saying it is tough to make the Corona cases zero.So even if the lockdown is relaxed stay at home for some more time.STAY HOME,STAY SAFE.

Hope you all enjoyed my blog.Catch you on my next blog.

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