Education with Online Classes!!!

Hello Readers,

I am back with my blogs.Education is a must and can’t be stopped.But health is important too.Are you wondering,Why am I explaining you this?I am explaining this to you because of Corona-Virus(COVID-19) many schools are closed but as I told you Education is a must.So many schools have come up with a very innovative idea which is “Online Classes”.So today let us discuss about disadvantages and advantages of ‘Online Classes’.Let us also discuss the tips to online classes.So why are we waiting?Let us start-

First Let us discuss about the Advantages.


  • Online classes cost lesser because online classes are affordable than colleges or schools.
  • If education is via online classes , some technical or computer skills will be developed in the student while using the computer.
  • Student can also learn many extracurricular activities excluding school because there is no fixed time of school.

Do you also know there are many disadvantages because of Online classes.If you do not know let us discuss the disadvantages.So why are we waiting?Let’s Discuss-


  • If education is via online classes,then the student’s screen time will get increased a lot.
  • Online classes are not so much interactive than normal classes even thought they are live classes.
  • Online classes lag a lot and students will miss a lot of topics because of problems like internet connection,or system battery down.

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Some tips can be followed by schools or even students to make online classes a step better.

  • Schools can at-least make some live sessions instead  of all prerecorded sessions.So that online classes will be more interactive.
  • Schools need to use good platforms which are trusted to have good classes otherwise if they use platforms which are not trusted there will be a lot of lag and students will miss topics as I said.
  • Schools should mute everyone’s mic while they are entering and should be un-muted only when the student is going to answer a question.Otherwise there will be many background sound.
  • Student’s video should be on as the teacher need to be familiar with the students.

Hope you all enjoyed my blog.Also do comment in the comment section about your experience and complaints on “Online Classes”.

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