Fun with Memes

Hello Readers,

I am back with my blogs.Today I am going to write some memes of my own and you will enjoy a lot.So this is going to be a very fun blog.I have another reason why am I writing this blog?Any guesses???Yes,it is 2 years since I started Blogging with WordPress and ThoughtfulSaideep.Here is my first Blog!👇

Computers and Me !

“Computers and Me ! ” was the link of my First blog.

Also if you haven’t ready my first or any other blog read them here.Here is the link of the reader site in which you can read all my blogs.

Reader Site

So why are waiting???Let us Start-

Before starting “How many here Like memes?”.If you have interest or know any memes please do share by Commenting in the Comment Section.So let us start with the memes which I created.

I think “2020” is just the trailer of the real movie “2021”😂😂

Picture 1


Before Lockdown:

Outdoor:Basketball court

Indoor:Club House

After Lockdown:




So before starting with the next meme,let me ask you a quick question.Are you enjoying the memes?So let us go to the third meme.

Before Corona:Can’t live without exploring the world.

After Corona:Can live without even stepping out of the house.😅😅


Person at a beach:Excuse me,What can we do at the beach?

Tour Coordinator:You can do many things.You can also go to a sea-food restaurant.

Person at the beach:Oh!There is only a see-food restaurant?I hope there is also a eat-food restaurant in the beach.


Hope you all had fun reading my blog.Catch you on my next blog!!!

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