Robots and Me 6:Teleportation Capsules

Hello Readers

Teleportation capsules?,What are teleportation capsules?,What are they used for?,Are they used anywhere now?,Do they cause pollution?,Will they exist?,Are scientists working on it?,Is it possible to even build a capsule?,Will they be costly?,How will they work?,Will they actually save time?I know all these question are striking your mind listening to capsules but don’t worry in this blog I will be answering all these questions.Starting With-

What are capsules?

Capsules are kind of machines which are integrated with AI(Artificial Intelligence) which take you to the place you want within seconds by reading your mind.It is a kind of teleportation.

What are they used for?

They are used for any important work which is urgent.They can also be used to help the Military to go to an operation immediately.They can also be brought personally but now you’ll be thinking about the price of the teleportation Capsule.So,lets find the answer for that question👇

Will they be costly?

They will be costly when the capsules are released for the first time.They will be priced around $800000+extra charges(according to the predictions).Where as after some years the price will come down.

Are they used now?

No,the scientists are still researching and trying to build it as soon as possible.

Is it possible to build them?

Yes,It is possible to build them because physicists just achieved the first ever quantam teleportation between two computer chips in 2019.Isn’t it amazing?

Are Scientists working on it?

Yes,the scientists are working really hard on it to at-least release it by early 30’s.

How will they work?

They work through teleportation.First they will read your mind and know where you want to go.After that if they couldn’t read anything,then they will ask where you want to go.There will be a small mic there where you have to tell and it will teleport you there.

Will it have a door to get inside the capsule?

Yes,There will be a door to get into the capsule but you have to open it with a smart card or with voice recognition.

Hope you all enjoyed reading my blog.Catch you on  my next blog.

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