The Story of the Robot

Hello Readers,

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As you can see in the picture,the boy is running because the robot is out of control and it is doing whatever it wants.It is a similar incident when there is a malware or an bug in the code.So now,I am going to narrate you a story related to this picture.This type of incident is called hypothetical scenario.So let’s get into the story –

So as they boy was running,he got several ideas to his mind.So let’s see what the ideas were-

The boy first got the phone off his pocket and called to the company which manufactured the robot.They immediately came but couldn’t do anything.They were also just running with him.Next he thought to throw stones on the robot.

He started throwing stones on the robot but that didn’t work well either because he realized the robo was made with very strong metal.So he didn’t understand what to do and he also just went running throwing everything at him.

He knew that there was a very intelligent uncle who could help them.He also helped him in many other situations which were like this.He also did Robotic Engineering(The study of robots and automation).He couldn’t also do anything.

As he ran forward,he got tired and he stopped running,3 other robots came with that robot and surrendered him.He did not understand anything.He shouted very loudly saying “Heeeeeeeelp!” Everyone came. 4 mothers came running very fast and very and asked anxiously “Did you see my child?”.Everyone said “NO”.After that the hand on one robo broke.There were no wires inside it.The child understood that there were people inside and it was not a robo and he told them to come down.They were his best friends.After they came down everyone played happily.

Did you like the story?If you liked it comment in the comment section.Now let us talk about the cons of 5g

5G Wifi

  • As you know there is a upcoming 5g wifi,but the frequency is more than 4g or 3g which affects in health issues.
  • Tip: The wifi router can be off in the night or when not in use.

Hope you all had fun reading the story.Catch you on my next blog.

Photo credits : Vimal Chandran, Illustrators and artist (

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