The chillax classes

Hello Readers,

Bored of Online Classes?Are online classes tiring?Classes are fun but becauase of the COVID pandemic there is Online Schooling.Let’s see how will we love to have our online classes.Are you interested?I am really very interested.Also do comment in the comment section how would you like to have chillax online classes.So why are we waiting.Lets start with “The chillax classes”.

3d glasses

I wish there were glasses like the 3d glasses or a VR(Virtual reality)which will project the class in 3d form.And  it is not even online.It just is like our normal school which shows everyone.I wish it will even have a talk option which will ask whom do you want to talk and if we select one of our friends they will teleport directly sleeping next to you on the bed or there will be an option to send a voice message to a friend separately.And we do not even need a projector because the glasses have inbuilt projectors.

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Augmented Reality

What if everything seems to be real including the solar system or an elephant standing next to a teacher?Isn’t it cool?The classes would be really fun and they were even 3d.I just would love to have a class with augmented reality.What about you?I just love this idea and it would just be awesome combination with the 3d glasses.I’ll show you a picture of augmented reality.

WhatsApp Image 2020-07-22 at 3.01.07 PM

Class timings

How cool would it be if one period was only twenty minutes and there was an one hour break between each period and there were only two periods?

Magical Room

What if the room is magical and can do anything?It would be very fun because we could just walk on the ceiling when we are bored and any food item or drink could magically appear when we do ask or we can just disappear when our friends come and sleep next to us using the 3d glasses.

How many of you are feeling “I wish online classes were like this”?If you are one of them do comment in the comment Section.

Hope you all had fun reading my blog.Catch you on my next blog!!!!


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