Robot as a teacher

Hello Readers,

I am back with my blogs.Would you like to have a robotic teacher?Would it be fun?,Interesting?,Boring?,Interactive?I would just love to have a robot as a teacher.What about you?I think it would be really fun and interesting.It would also be more interactive.Also do comment your opinions be on robot as a teacher.So I would first discuss my opinion and after that we’ll discuss the cons and pros.I will also give some tips.So are you excited?I am really very excited to share.So why are we waiting?Let’s start-

My opinion on “Robot as a Teacher”

I would just love to have a robotic teacher.But there should be a human teacher too to clarify the doubts of the children or even to teach what the robot teacher didn’t teach.But it also decreases job opportunities.It even costs lesser but the schools need to invest a lot while buying the robots.What if the games teacher and the principal is a robot too.Will the principal be lenient or would it be strict?The robot with all the features such as asking questions should be picked by the school.



  • The cost would be lesser than teachers.
  • There would be lesser human work.
  • It also helps students to get into robotics,STEaM,Coding or programming.
  • The robots can also work using solar energy or Hydro energy.
  • The classes would be a lot more interesting and the students would show more interest toward the class.


  • The school should be investing a lot in the first.
  • There would be lesser job opportunities for teachers.
  • The robots can have bugs or errors which can teach different things to children than what they programmed.


  • The tip is that schools can take teachers as well as robots so that the job opportunities are equal.

Would you like to have a robotic teacher.Do comment in the comment section.

Hope you all enjoyed my blog.Catch you on my next blog!!

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