Friendship Day on Video Call

Hello Readers,

Do you know what day was 30th July 2010?Yes it is friendship day but because of the COVID-19 Pandemic,we can’t celebrate.How many of you were waiting for friendship day?Many of you may be waiting…But we can’t stop celebrating because of COVID Pandemic.We can do many other things without even meeting.We can even video call through video calling platforms such as google Meet,jio Meet etc.Now you must be wondering how would it be to video conference on friendship day.Would it be interactive?,funny?,serious?,panicking about the COVID cases increasing day by day?,being strong?These questions might be striking your mind.So in this blog we will see if it will be funny or panicking if we have friendship day on video calling platforms.Before starting with the blog,How many of you miss friendship day a lot?Those who miss friendship day do comment in the comment section..

How would Friendship day be while video calling?

Of course,some people will panic whereas some people will be really funny even on video conference forgetting about the pandemic.It would be fun and much more interactive than when you meet them directly(not virtually)because we didn’t see them directly see them from a long time.Overall it will be fun but it would not be as fun as meeting them directly(not virtually).So now let us see the two types of conservation of when you video conference with a panicking friend and a funny friend.So let us be positive and start with funny friend.

Funny Friend

You : (Talking about Covid 19 pandemic)

Friend : What pandemic?Anyways,How are you?Happy Friendship Day……….

Panicking friend

Friend : OMG!So many cases are increasing day by day…Today there were the most Corona cases.And you know what even a tiger got corona..

You : It is okay.You are just getting tensed because of the social media and news.Anyways,Happy Friendship Day,

So These are the two types of conversation between friends.

Now let us see some other ideas to celebrate Friendship Day in lock-down..

1.Send your friends gifts online.

2.Send a digital e-card or you can make a video of your own…

3.You can also send a cake too.

So these are some ideas to celebrate friendship day at homeπŸ‘†

Happy Friendship Day!!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Stay Home!Stay Safe!!!



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