What if I go to Latium

Hello Readers,

How many of you know Latin?Have you heard the word “laboro”?You must be wondering if it is a English word?No it is not a English word.It is a Latin word and it is a verb.Any guesses about the word meaning?The meaning of the word is “I am doing Work”.Now let me tell you a small story about this word.Are you Interested?I am very interested.Let’s Start-

The Name of the story is “What if I go to Latium”.You must be wondering where is “Latium”.Latium is a place in the central western Italy in which the city of Rome was found.Now as we understood where is Latium,let us start with the story.

Letter one month before Summer Holidays

One month before Summer Holiday on the bus,I was just thinking where to go in summer holidays.When I thought we can go to Latium.Once I got down from the bus,I ran into the house and opened the laptop and saw about the trip fares and got them booked with my father.

The Last Exam

After the last exam I jumped out of the bus and our flight was on the next day.We got onto the flight and reached Latium and I was really excited.


We went out of the airport and went to the hotel.But the next day I was hearing a common word in the offices and shops.They were all telling “Laboro”.I asked my parents but they did not know either.There was no internet connection too.I was thinking a lot about what was the meaning.I was asking my parents to ask people but that did not work well either.I was also eager to know about the word but I couldn’t know the meaning.We were just walking and we met my fathers friend who knows Latin.My dad was talking with him and also asked him the meaning and he told that the meaning was that “I am working”.After that we enjoyed Latium.

Hope you all enjoyed reading my blog.Catch you on my next blog!!!

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